Brazilian Black Beans (Feijoada)
4 small links Andouille sausage, cut into crescents and sauteed in olive oil. Set aside.
3 cans black beans, use the liquid
1 yellow onion
1 stick celery, chopped very fine
1 bell pepper, chopped very fine
4 cloves garlic, minced
1-2 cups chicken broth
salt & pepper
1 bay leaf
cayenne, optional
Saute the onions, peppers, and celery in olive oil until soft (approx 5-8 minutes). Add 3-5 minced garlic cloves. Stir for about one minute. Then add salt, pepper, and 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper. I left out cayenne because the sausage is spicy! Add one bay leaf. Then toss in sausage, beans and liquid, and 1-2 cups chicken broth.

Bring to a boil and then simmer 15-25 minutes. When beans are softened, crush some of the beans and combine.